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Some stories live on forever.  But if you look at the story closely you may find yourself wondering how there could be any truth to the course of events.  I buy into the idea that the patriarch Jacob took one look at Rachel and fell head over heels in love.  I can even buy into the idea that he was willing to work seven long and hard years in order to obtain her hand in marriage.  Can you imagine working seven years for your future father-in-law in order to get his permission to marry his daughter?  Well love is a powerful motivator, so I am even willing to buy into that scenario.  But the fact that the father-in-law deceives Jacob and then Jacob is willing to work another seven years in order to finally marry Rachel – well that I have trouble buying into.  After all, who has that kind of persistence?            

I thought about that biblical story of persistence when I came across the story of two brothers from Atlanta named Brent and Kyle Pease.  Brent and Kyle traveled up to New York City for this year’s marathon.  Kyle has cerebral palsy and he owns a racing wheelchair.  Kyle was determined to “run” the New York City Marathon in his wheelchair, while being accom-panied by his brother Brent.  Halfway through the race one of the wheels broke.  But both Trent and Kyle were determined to finish the marathon.  They didn’t care about how long it took them to finish.  They only cared that they would finish the race.  They were determined to see it through.

When the wheel broke, Brent tried to carry Kyle and soon realized that given the distance it would be impossible.  They then stopped at a bike store to ask for help.  Unfortunately the wheel was beyond repair.  So it seems that the brothers had no other choice but to quit.    

It is said that patience, persistence, and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.  This is precisely what happened to Brent and Kyle.  Brent attached a rope to the wheelchair and two other runners balanced the chair as Brent towed his brother along for the last 13 miles of the race.  Yes, they persisted and with much patience and perspiration they finished the marathon.

In that little story about Brent and Kyle I renewed my respect for Jacob.  The New York City Marathon took hours for the brothers to conclude.  Jacob concluded his marathon for the hand and heart of Rachel in 14 years of hard labor!

So the next time you consider giving up on a project or an idea or a goal, remember Brent and Kyle and the patriarch Jacob.  Patience, persistence and  perspiration are the path to success.  Live by that teaching and you just may change your life.