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Igor Vorozhbitsyn is a Russian Fisherman, working at his craft in Siberia.  One day he got out of his car to make his way through the woods and to his boat.  Out of nowhere from behind he was knocked to the ground.  Igor looked up and there was a giant brown bear towering over him.  Igor knew his life was about to end when his cell phone rang.           

As a joke, his granddaughter had loaded a Justin Bieber song called “Baby” as Igor’s new cell phone ringtone.  The moment the Bieber song blasted through Igor’s cell phone, the startled bear bolted back into the woods.

Really? Well, it’s a true story.              

I’m sure Bieber fans and critics could have a field day with this story, but perhaps the larger message may be that life sometimes will give you a second chance.  Out of nowhere, a bell or the ringtone of life will give you a second chance.               

Is that not what the High Holidays are all about?  If you’ve made it to a New Year, then you have the opportunity to begin again.  The goal is to not “go around the block one more time,” but to instead see what you may not have seen before and hear what you may not have heard before and do what you may not have done before.  It’s a new year.  It’s a new opportunity to learn and experience and grow.  Come grow with us.         

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