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Who We Are

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Ira J. Rothstein

Lois Ruderman
 Associate Rabbi

Summer Greenwald-Gonella
Karen Ross
Executive Director
Nancy Shechter
Ed. Dir.

Our Philosophy

Temple Beth Shalom was founded in 1978. Since then we have grown from a handful of individuals to over 500 families. Our building was dedicated in November, 1984.

Our mission is to “Bring Good Things To Light". We believe that God gifts to each of us a divine spark. It is that divine spark that makes each of us who we are as human beings and as Jews. Our challenge throughout our lifetime is to develop a healthy relationship with that divine spark. If we succeed then by our actions and our growth “We Bring Good Things to Light.?In other words, we each do our share to inject light into a world that is often far too dark.

Mitzvot are tools of light. The more mitzvoth we do, the more light we bring into our lives and into the lives of those around us. Being part of a “community of light?means that we share in this sacred task together. Being part of TBS gives each of us the opportunity to connect with each other, with our history and with our tradition.

Be part of the TBS experience and together we will “Bring Good Things to Light!?


What's Going On

Friday Shabbat Services: 

Friday evening, services at 8PM  in the Sanctuary weekly unless listed otherwise in this section.  All  Saturday Morning Shabbat Services are at 9:30 AM in the Sanctuary weekly.    TBS Alive Shabbat Services on Friday, September 28 and October 19 are at 7:30PM.

Food Drive:  Remember to bring your Kosher canned good item for our ongoing food drive.  Our food bin is located in the education wing door lobby area throughout the year.  The food is transported to the Open Door Food Shelter in  Freehold and the Samaritan Center in Manalapan   on a regular basis. Remember it is a mitzvah to feed the hungry.  

TBS Alive  Shabbat Service: Friday,  September 28 and October 19 at 7:30PM .  TBS Alive is our Shabbat Service with musical accompaniment. It is difficult to describe the service that is uplifting and spiritual. You have to experience it yourself to understand what we mean. Please be here and bring your friends.  After the service, Rabbi Rothstein will hold a discussion session on a timely topic. Please mark your calendars.     

Rabbi Rothstein's  Meditation Class -November 20 and December 4.  Please watch your e-mail for all information and mark your calendars.          

Religious School- Begins Tuesday, September 4 and Wednesday, September 5.

Selichot Services– Saturday, September 1 at 9PM.  Come and enjoy some light refreshments, a Twilight Zone Episode with some discussion and then a spiritually rewarding service as we change our Torah covers, Torah Table cover and bring in the new year together.  (High Holiday tickets are not required.)

Tashlich- Monday, September 10 at 5PM.  Tickets are not required for this service.  Bring family and friends.  All are welcome.  Meet at the front of the building at 5PM, walk together to our courtyard area for our Tashlich service.  We all carry inside of us feelings and patterns of behavior that hamper and even hurt us.  We know we are not doing ourselves any favors by insisting on schlepping those feelings and patterns of behavior around every minute of every day.  Tashlich is a service designed to physically and spiritually give us the change to let go of and to cast away all of those heavy emotions that weigh us down.  Try our service.  You owe it to yourself. You will like it.  In case of inclement weather, this service will be held in the Sanctuary.

Shofar Blowing and Havdalah- Yom Kippur- Tickets are not required for this service.  Bring family and friends.  All are welcome.  Shofar will be blown at the conclusion of Yom Kippur at 7:45pm.  Prior to that we will have our Havdalah service where we invite all children ages 5-12 to participate on the Bimah.

Simchat Torah Services- This is a fun service for children and adults alike.  The sweetness of the Torah will add to the sweetness of the soul.  

October 1 at 7PM.  Bring friends.  All are welcome. Join us as we sing, parade with the Torahs and enjoy the sweetness of the Torah together.

Something to Think About



There are two ways to keep warm. You can put on a heavy winter coat or you can build a bonfire. Both the coat and the bonfire will accomplish the same goal and yet the coat and the bonfire are as different as night and day. The coat keeps the individual warm. However, the bonfire will keep everyone warm. It is the difference between the individual and the community.          


The high holidays always focus me on the power of community. Anyone can close the door to his room and by himself offer prayers for the coming year. It’s like putting on a coat to get warm. You do it for yourself.          

On the other hand, when the sanctuary is packed and we all sing the same words at the same moment, you can feel the energy in the room. You can sense the power and the warmth of a community. It’s a bonfire.          

One of the reasons I chose to be a pulpit Rabbi is because I deeply believe in the power of community.           So, join us. As you figure out your plans for the holidays make it a point to be with us.          

The high holidays are the high holidays. It is a time for community to shine. Being here for the high holidays is the difference between being warmed as an individual by a winter coat and finding comfort in the toasty warmth of a bonfire that brings everyone together. It’s the difference between coats and bonfires. Now more than ever we are in need of a good old-fashioned bonfire.          

Shanah tovah! I look forward to seeing all of you on the holidays. RABBI IRA ROTHSTEIN